Songbird Festival Davos - Gustav, David DiAlma, Mary Middlefield (Thursday, 14.12.2023)

Kulturplatz Davos - Davos


GUSTAV - Folk, Pop, Indie

It's the moment the Swiss music world has been eagerly waiting for: After five (!) years of stage abstinence, the charismatic singer-songwriter GUSTAV from Fribourg returns to the concert stage. Exclusively for the SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS, the multi-instrumentalist takes his guitar and other instruments out of the basement and presents a coherent best-of program. With all his hits. All songs with soulful melodies and empathic lyrics that speak to the heart and mind in equal measure - bilingual, haunting and always with a dose of humor. We look forward to the comeback of a gifted storyteller!

"Versatility, improvisational joy, originality and idiosyncrasy have always been GUSTAV's trademarks. A delight." - SRF


DAVID DiALMA - Soul, Funk

The 25-year-old DAVID DiALMA from Biel sets his own standards. With a distinctive voice and original songs, the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist breaks the norms of the old soul and funk music that produced legends like Al Green, Donny Hathaway and Amy Winehouse, and creates his own sound - raw, unfiltered and straight from the soul. Inspired by said legends, Motown and Funk and the golden era of the 1960s and 1970s, he captures the spirit of the past and carries it into the present. Soul that gets under your skin. And a talent we'll be hearing a lot more from.

"Straightforward and honest soul" - David DiAlma


MARY MIDDLEFIELD - Folk, Pop, Americana, Indie

MARY MIDDLEFIELD has left classical music behind: The talented violinist from Lausanne also writes incredibly good pop songs. So good pop songs, in fact, that the indie pop singer was named SRF3 Best Talent in May of this year. Maria Mittelfellner, as the 21-year-old German-born singer's real name is, juggles between folk, pop and Americana with ease and has made such an impression on the Swiss music scene with her debut album "Thank you Alexander", which was released in March, that she has been invited to many renowned open-air concerts. The fact is: she makes sparks fly on stage. An incredible talent.

"The voice, the stories, the sound - MARY MIDDLEFIELD captivates. The 21-year-old has an extraordinary maturity and expressiveness." - SRF 3

*The concerts of GUSTAV and DAVID DI ALMA and MARRY MIDDLEFIELD are made possible by the support of the music promotion project Riser and its partners.


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