Songbird Festival Davos - Reto Burrell, Am Tae and Sibuna (Thursday, 21.12.2023)

Kulturplatz Davos - Davos


RETO BURRELL - Rock, Country, Americana

The Swiss music magazine TRACKS calls him the Swiss TOM PETTY. For us, however, the Lucerne Americana legend RETO BURRELL is rather the Swiss BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. But no matter in which pigeonhole we put the rock 'n' roller with the smoky voice: The fact is, Burrell is as great as charismatic singer-songwriter (ROLLING STONE) and his Roots-Rock-Amerinca is as timeless as he is (AMERICANA UK). After six years, the 50-year-old comes once again to the SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS with 12 albums in his luggage. And we are extremely looking forward to it. To his earthy country rock. And to the stories he tells between the songs. Because Reto Burrell is not only a gifted live musician, but also an extremely humorous and likeable entertainer.

"Reto Burrell plays rock - and he plays it the way it was originally intended: elegant in its simplicity, nowhere clumsy, well-balanced and full of freshness. Graham Parker or John Cougar Mellencamp in their good days come most readily to mind, though the Confederate always sounds like himself." - CLASSIC ROCK Mag

AM TAE - Pop

She came into contact with music at an early age: she started playing the clarinet at eight. But soon the now 21-year-old Basel newcomer AM TAE developed in the direction of indie and female rock. And to a young artist who has something to say - be it about racism, climate change or body-shaming. With a fine voice, mostly accompanied by the delicate sounds of her ukulele, she sings socially critical and hopeful, positive songs at the same time. Her debut EP "Woman", which she released a year ago, is both a sample of her talent and a manifesto of her artistic maturity. Or, as a renowned concert promoter smugly put it: "When honest sounds meet critical poetry." Finally, a young artist who addresses the problems of her generation. And formulates wishes for humanity. Luzia Biel derived her artist name AM TAE from the Irish term for "Tea Time".

"To be honest, I don't see myself as a newcomer" - Am Tae

SIBUNA - Indie, Pop

It was a career milestone for 20-year-old singer-songwriter SIBUNA when she performed for the first time at Open Air Sankt Gallen in late June. "Kind of surreal," as the native of St. Gallen herself commented. And yet it's no coincidence: she was already writing her own songs in 3rd grade, and since then she has been pursuing her path into the pop world very determinedly and with a great deal of passion and meticulousness. She uses social media like few other Swiss artists, with a preference for Instagram, youtube or Tiktok - and also gives talent tests time and again. Talent samples that have also led her to collaborations with established Swiss stars like Marius Bear and Nemo. Inspired by artists like Blanks, Katy Perry and YUNGBLUD, Tina Z├╝rcher, as the Swiss-Dutch singer's real name is, fuses electronic pop and indie into an exciting melange, sometimes calm, sometimes lively, but always soulful. An exciting voice of a new generation.

"When I stand in the audience at the concert of my favorite musicians, I think: that used to be me" - Sibuna.

*The concerts of RETO BURRELL, AM TAE and SIBUNA are made possible with the support of the music promotion project Riser and its partners.

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