Songbird Festival Davos - Anna Rossinelli and Les Fils Du Facteur (Friday, 15.12.2023)

Hotel Morosani Schweizerhof - Davos



After a longer absence from concerts and a convincing excursion into acting as a federal policewoman in the SRF cult series "Tschugger", a grandiose appearance in the 3+ TV success format "Sing mein Song - Das Tauschkonzert" and the formative birth of her first child this March, ANNA ROSSINELLI returns to the concert stage at the SONGBIRD FESTIVAL DAVOS. Quite deliberately in a trio, because she wants to return - after 15 years of band history - to her musical roots, the street music. The 36-year-old singer-songwriter from Basel is looking for the feeling and authenticity of yesteryear - and tells stories about her childhood and her home. Experience a great artist in her most intimate and honest form. Experience a concert that awakens deep emotions and takes you into Anna's (dream) world. Of course with a lot of new songs like "The World Is Yours" and "Daddy isn't home" from her new album "Mother" in the luggage, which she will release at the end of September.


"Anna Rossinelli sounds like the wide world" - SRF




You just have to like them, Les Fils du Facteur from Vevey. Long before the band was founded in 2014 - in their vocational school days - Sacha Maffli (guitar and vocals) and Emilien Colin (accordion and keytar) played music together. They played cover songs. Everywhere they were allowed - on the street, at weddings or birthdays. For this purpose they built an interactive, human-sized jukebox. The street art installation, equipped with 16 buttons, offered 100 songs, from which you could choose the song that the musicians would then play live. After the formation of the band, the duo grew to a quartet and from then on focused on their own songs. Songs in the style of the Nouvelle Chançons, as it were positive, poetic and humorous. In the last 10 years, Les Fils du Facteur have become a well-known and popular live act in French-speaking Switzerland, toured France, Belgium and Canada, and last year played at the Paléo Festival on the second-largest stage - in prime time. Here in German-speaking Switzerland they are not yet known - we want to change that.

"Si Les Fils du facteur ne boudent ni le fun ni un regard en biais sur la société, ils conservent un équilibre subtil qui les épargne de toute caricature." - 24 Heures

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