Songbird Festival Davos - Kadebostany and Stain of Light (Friday, 08.12.2023)

Hotel AlpenGold - Davos



When German astronaut Alexander Gerst shared his music playlist with his network, 20 Minuten headlined: "KADEBOSTANY's music even plays on the moon". The songs of the Geneva band were streamed on YouTube over 1 billion times (!!!). They dominated the charts in over 30 countries, played over 500 live shows in recent years and were even on the soundtrack of the Hollywood blockbuster "Fifty Shades of Grey". Only rarely does the sensational live band of the charismatic musical Zampano Guillaume de Kadebostany play in Switzerland. And even rarer on such a familiar stage as in the AlpenGold, and with a large formation, including two singers and a horn section. Do it like the astronaut Alexander and take off with us into a new sphere of Swiss pop music.

"Kadebostany takes pop to new destinations once considered musically unattainable" - GQ

STAIN OF LIGHT - Pop, Folk, Indie

"Comme un trait de lumière dans la pénombre de notre siècle," the French music platform GRRIF poetically judged the music of the Waadland indie-pop duo STAIN OF LIGHT. Loosely translated: "Like a ray of light in our dark times." A nice compliment for the two newcomers Natachaa and Lucien from Yverdon-les-Bains, who once - five years ago - had started their career as street musicians on the streets of Lausanne with cover songs. Today, the two are celebrated by the French audience for their wonderfully graceful vocal harmonies, which - with a touch of nostalgia - are assorted with folky instruments and pithy electric basses. A SONGBIRD discovery from French-speaking Switzerland that will surprise, even delight, many.

"This is what you call a brilliant performance: with their first single Same, the Yverdon duo STAIN OF LIGHT delivers an unstoppable indie pop hit" - Irascible Music

*The double concert of KADEBOSTANY and STAIN OF LIGHT is made possible by the music promotion project Riser and its partners.

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